About us

Hi, my name is Jane and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my store. Thank you for your time. Today I want to share the story of how I made my first product, and soon I decided to open a store.

Once, having found in my garage an old father's canister, which he inherited from my grandfather and served for a very long time, helping out more than once when it was necessary to refill fuel, I seemed to return to my childhood and remembered how dad and I drove in a big truck and refilled it from this canister, but now it was all in dents, the paint had already peeled off and there was rust all over the canister. I decided to give it a second life, restore it and make it like a new one. It so happened that my father had a birthday in a few weeks and I wanted to give the emu his own canister, only with a smooth and shiny surface.

When I started the restoration, I knew that my father would be very pleased, but he would no longer use it for fuel, as he stopped driving a car. At that moment, I decided that I needed to give her a second life and make her something more than just a canister, give her soul, make her a memorable accessory that will always remind of our trips with my father in childhood, of my grandfather. I made wall mounts for it, opening doors, added lighting, and inside I equipped it with wooden shelves in which I placed a mini bar. On a wooden board, I engraved the very photo where my father is driving a big truck and I am happy in his arms! When the work was over, I myself did not believe how great it was to make such a gift from a simple fuel canister. And now I can't even describe what emotions my father experienced when I handed him his old, but already new canister, he even shed a tear and said that it was the best surprise for him!
Father's emotions were unforgettable, he hung a memento on the wall and tells with delight and pride about it to all his guests

Since then, I realized that I want to give such impressions and emotions to your families.
After all, family values ​​are the main source of inspiration and ideas. I love to surprise and a piece of my soul is put into each product.

This is how I started my journey for 5 years.
During this time, I have mastered a lot and I can say with confidence that I will make the best memorable gift for you.